• 16 Aug 2017 11:28 AM | Lindsay McCabe (Administrator)

    BABC-Georgia welcomes the UK Government’s proposals for a future customs relationship with the EU as well as its aim to explore a model for an interim period that offers frictionless trade across the borders and helps avoid a “cliff edge scenario”.

    Minimizing any disruption to business through an agreed transition period and providing clarity on the future trading relationship with the EU as early as possible have been a key ask by the transatlantic business community, which includes major American investors and leading British firms.

    Both options presented, however, are still likely to increase the burden for businesses who trade between the UK and the EU. We therefore continue to advocate for a model that is as close as possible to existing arrangements. This will be essential in maintaining the United Kingdom’s status as a desired trade and investment partner.

    Our businesses are looking forward to continuing its strong engagement with the UK Government on achieving this aim.


  • 09 Jun 2017 4:27 PM | Lindsay McCabe (Administrator)
    Statement on UK Election Result

    The next UK Government is charged to deliver one of the greatest political and legislative challenges of our time: Defining a new relationship between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU).

    Our network represents 22 chapters in major cities throughout the US, UK and Canada, including major British and leading American firms, the latter accounting for the largest source of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the UK. The majority of transatlantic businesses wished to see the UK remain a part of the EU – the world’s largest trading block. Transatlantic business therefore has a huge stake in the outcome of Brexit negotiations. In the light of the British people’s decision we are committed to help building a fair, competitive and global Britain, in partnership with the EU and other countries in the world. 

    Delivering clarity on Brexit negotiations

    To ensure that the UK remains an attractive place to live, work and invest in, it is imperative that the new UK Government delivers clarity as to when and how it wants to proceed with the Brexit negotiations. Any outcome of the negotiations needs to ensure that it supports British business' trade in goods, services and data flows, secures US investment and investment-related jobs in the UK and creates the conditions that promotes the UK as an attractive destination for investment going forward.

    The BABC appreciates the previous UK Government and Departments efforts in addressing our transatlantic business’ concerns and priorities. Now, with the first negotiation round in sight, we urge the new Government to show its promised openness to find practical, reasonable solutions to the complexity of issues that Brexit entails, and sufficient time for businesses to adjust. Our overall call for the new UK Government remains that the period of uncertainty needs to be as short as possible. 

    Ensuring a strong and sturdy UK economy now and post-Brexit

    A strong UK economy is important for business, workers and consumers; and it is a crucial factor in ensuring a strong role for the UK during the negotiations with the EU.

    The next Government’s objective needs to create an even more competitive business environment, particularly through a smart and encouraging tax system, investment in infrastructure, an immigration system that allows our companies to attract the skilled talent they need, and a focus on trade and investment and the delivery of a comprehensive Industrial Strategy, among others.

    US-UK Economic Relationship as a source of strength and opportunity

    The UK-US economic relationship stands for unparalleled business ties across the Atlantic. The US is the number one export destination for the majority of UK regions and nations. UK firms continue to grow and expand into the US. US firms employ more than one million workers in the UK.

    There has never been a better opportunity to relaunch and strengthen the UK-US economic relationship as a source of strength and opportunity. We are excited about the shared commitment expressed by the political leaders to explore future options of further economic integration.

    Even during the complex Brexit negotiations, much can be done to offer more opportunities for UK and US firms in each other’s markets. We encourage the next UK Government to continue efforts to open a formal dialogue on the future of the UK-US trade and investment relationship; meant to provide short- and mid-term options that can help to foster UK-US trade in goods and services, too deepen investment, and to explore options for formal trade arrangements in the future that can work in partnership with the EU and other countries.

  • 29 Mar 2017 4:37 PM | Lindsay McCabe (Administrator)

    BABC-Georgia will hold an Election Night Pub Night on June 8, and we will watch the results as they come in! 

    "Today, the UK Government officially notified the European Commission of its intention to withdraw from the European Union. While the majority of BritishAmerican Business members had not been in favor of leaving the EU, they remain fully committed and ambitious when it comes to their business in the UK and in the transatlantic economy.

    "Our members want the UK to remain an attractive place to live, work and invest in. For that to work, it is imperative that the UK makes its relationship with the EU work for business and that Government delivers on its promise to offer the business community a clear and realistic time frame and pathway for an ambitious future relationship with the EU, post-Brexit, right from the start of the negotiations.

    "We welcome the UK Government’s efforts to consult and work with the business community in this important time of change, and we look forward to increasing the level of exchange between all departments involved; particularly as the negotiations will need to address complex issues, such as talent mobility, data flows, customs and regulation/ standards. It will be critical to provide clarity on how these issues are addressed during the time of the negotiations and after in order to minimize business disruption and facilitate the transition to the post-Brexit state.

    "BritishAmerican Business brings together leading British firms and major US investors, who alone stand for 46% of Foreign Direct Investment in the UK. During these uncertain times, the UK-US economic relationship is, and remains, a significant source of strength and opportunity. To further build on this transatlantic relationship, it is important that the relationship between the UK and the EU delivers a healthy business environment for both the UK and the EU".


    For more information please contact: Tim Horan, Communications Manager
    Email:; Tel: +44(0)207 2909878

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    -Moving forward-

    Published on 24th March 2017

    BritishAmerican Business (BAB) and British-American Business Council (BABC) speak for over 2000 UK and US-based companies on both sides of the Atlantic. Our membership includes leading British and American companies, contributing significantly to jobs, growth and innovation on both sides of the Atlantic.

    We are committed to helping UK and US Governments with our expertise and transatlantic presence in their efforts to open a new chapter in the UK-US economic relationship; a relationship that is so crucial for the prosperity for our economies, companies and citizens. 

    1.      Investment

    The UK and the US share the world’s largest foreign direct investment partnership. We encourage the UK and the US Government to make a joint commitment on investment, reflecting the largest bilateral investment relationship of one trillion dollars between the UK and the US and offering joint leadership to sustain open, inclusive and competitive markets as a basis for prosperity. As part of this commitment, the UK and the US should develop new approaches for a state-of-the-art dispute resolution mechanism. Further, the UK and the US should explore incentive schemes for bilateral investment and capital flows, particularly around public-private partnerships and with respect to government procurement opportunities.

    2.      Regulation

    The UK and the US should continue exploring areas and sectors where the alignment of bilateral regulatory systems can lead to new business opportunities and reduce costs of unnecessary regulation. Future alignment should be around science based pursuit of norms that ensure balance and proportion between risk and precaution, while supporting innovation led approaches to deliver better outcomes in healthcare, consumer safety, environmental management and emerging technologies. 

    3.      Research and Innovation

    The UK and the US have world leading research and innovation systems, benefitting our economies and its citizens. We encourage leaders to develop of a joint agreement that builds on the existing Horizon 2020 EU-US Agreement and enables further collaboration in science and research between UK and US scientists and researchers. The UK and US Governments should also explore increasing collaboration in higher education, particularly between our world-leading universities, which will allow for our countries to build on their joint leadership role and to draw on the great economic potential linked to it.

    4.      Financial Services

    The UK and the US are home to the leading financial centres in the world. UK – US financial services offer deep pools of liquidity and agile product and service structures and share many common features including an overriding commitment to prudence over excessive risk taking. UK and US Governments should make a joint commitment to the UK-US financial services relationship that seeks to explore how UK and US markets can be integrated under one regulatory umbrella.

    5.      Talent Mobility

    Attracting and employing skilled workers by drawing on an international pool of talented professionals is imperative in yielding a successful economy, particularly to address shortages of high-skilled labour. Our history of immigration and the role played by immigrants has been closely tied to the economic success of our nations. The UK and the US should therefore explore new visa arrangements for UK and US citizens to foster the bilateral movement of talent, with enhanced abilities to live, study and work.

    6.      Data

    The free flow of data is more crucial than ever to companies operating across the Atlantic. Building on progress being made with the EU-US ‘Privacy Shield’ mechanism, the UK and the US should lead driving new pragmatic solutions that protect citizens’ privacy while allowing for the free flow of data. In any innovation economy, data is the heart and soul of growth. The pragmatism of the UK and the US can offer a path that is globally compelling for sustainable deployment of data driven technologies.

    7.      Services

    The UK and the US economies are characterized by large and growing services sectors. The UK and the US should explore ways of enhancing trade in services, particularly in business services, which are key input for global values chains. The UK and the US should also explore ways to further enhance competition and encourage growth in the market for ICT and services.

    8.      A Rules-based System for Trade

    The UK and the US have been leading in creating a global rules-based system for trade. The UK and the US should assess if and how both countries can help further develop global governance structures of trade, particularly through the World Trade organisation (WTO). With that, the UK and the US should commit their leadership role in the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) negotiations.

    9.      A new Trade Policy

    Both, the UK and the US benefit from trade, but trade also changes economic infrastructures. The UK and the US should be leading in developing a new trade policy that includes improved mechanisms, such as Trade Adjustment Assistance Programs, designed to help workers to adapt to global trade and protects public service obligations, while spurring innovation and growth for our economies.

    10.  Trade Outreach and Consultation

    In light of a future formal trade arrangements, the UK and the US should prepare trade education campaigns aimed to showcase the benefits of mutual trade and investment for our economies and its citizens. Governments should also use the opportunity to map out future stakeholder consultation process on trade. 


    BritishAmerican Business & British-American Business Council

    Policy Team:

  • 27 Feb 2017 7:45 PM | Lindsay McCabe (Administrator)

    Sure, we all love to get together and socialize over a frothy pint, but the British American Business Council of Georgia is more than just a social group.  It’s a great way to meet others and find ways to collaborate our businesses – it’s networking at its best!  A great recent example is how Robbie Maples with Cunningham Lindsey and Melinda Schmiedeknecht with Resonate Marketing were able to collaborate and educate a group of over 100 people at a recent educational seminar.

    A brief overview of each company is as follows:

    • Ø  Cunningham Lindsey is the largest privately-held loss adjusting company globally having a history that dates back over 125 years of industry service.  The Group’s global network comprises some 7,000 staff members with representatives in over 70 countries around the world.
    • Cunningham Lindsey offers highly experienced loss adjusters and 
      associated technical staff to provide a focused claim service across a range of specialist disciplines and business sectors.  They have proven expertise for handling major losses the world over, particularly where complex technical issues predominate.
    • Ø  Resonate Marketing assists small business professionals in creating and implementing digital marketing plans.  Resonate Marketing specializes in creating social business strategies that integrate with traditional marketing campaigns and educating business professionals on the most efficient methods for leveraging the power of social media.

    Robbie sits on the Board of the Southern Loss Association (SLA), which is supported by Cunningham Lindsey.  SLA is an insurance industry non-profit organization with the mission “to serve as a forum and medium for the discussion, study and consideration of loss adjustment problems, coverage questions, policy forms, laws and statutes common to all insurance companies.” 

    Melinda graciously accepted Robbie’s invitation as a guest speaker at the SLA’s 24th Annual Educational Seminar to talk about the do’s and do not’s in Social Media and was able to seamlessly tie it into the world of Insurance.  To quote Mr. Maples, “…she was great!  With an ever-changing business environment that seemingly revolves around social media trends, we must embrace how to responsibly use social media as a tool.  I can’t think of anyone more qualified to help teach these concepts – and in a fun, entertaining, and easy to understand presentation!  Thanks Mel!”

    As you gather around the next Breakfast Briefing or unwind at the next Pub Night after a long day at the office, be sure to take the time to get to know your fellow networkers.  You may be able to find a way to help each other with your own expertise!

  • 03 Feb 2017 3:52 PM | Lindsay McCabe (Administrator)

    Each year the BABC Transatlantic Conference works on promoting a robust dialogue between the United States and the United Kingdom, drawing upon the thought leadership of Senior Executives from over 2,000 member companies. Following on from successful conferences in New York and London, this year’s Transatlantic Conference will take place in Chicago May 10-11.

    In light of the changing economic landscape the timing of this year’s Transatlantic Conference has never been more significant.  The 2017 theme “Navigating the New world” will focus on evolving opportunities in the US, Canada and Europe and absorbing changing in the realities of economies, trade borders and governance. Attendees will benefit from meaningful engagement and relevant networking with senior business, government and academic participants from across many industries and regions.

    Conference Schedule:

    • ·       Opening Cocktail Reception  - Shedd Aquarium
    • ·       Conference - Cathedral Room of the University Club
    • ·       Gala Dinner -Terzo Piano Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago
    • ·       14th Annual British Consul General Awards
    • ·       PJ O’Rourke  after-dinner Speaker
    • ·       8 Months’ Thought Leadership Platforms: Pre and Post Conference.

    In conjunction with the conference, on January 9th the BABC Chicago launched an 8 month Thought Leadership platform Pre-and Post-conference. This platform posts regular, substantive thought leadership items from BABC members and will do so for the 4 months preceding the Conference. In the 4 months after the conference the platform will reflect on the conference information, and provide practical applications of the content to business. Take a look at the Thought Leadership to date at

    Speaking ahead of the conference, President of the BABC Chicago chapter, Tom Stevens said “The 2017 Transatlantic Conference is a practical recognition of broad volatility across, markets, economies, governance and borders.  In parallel, it is a much-needed investigation and celebration of the thought leadership across the breadth of the BABC family, throughout the US, Canada and UK.  Our incredible strength is founded upon a diversity of industry, capitalization and geography – and there is much leadership and brilliance to harvest as we all must – today – define opportunities, make weighty business decisions, commit capital, mitigate risk, and be responsible corporate actors.  Look across our panels, some 8 groups of heavyweight CEOs and senior executives, and you will quickly see the genetics of the Conference – absolutely not parochial, but certainly "Chicago Practical."

    CEO of the British American Business Council, Jeffries Briginshaw said "This yearly conference brings together our UK-US business network to offer thought-leadership and substantive networking. Now, more than ever, business leaders are seeking connections with each other and engagement with local governments on both side of the Atlantic, in order to better navigate an uncertain global future."

    Laurence Geller, Chairman, 2017 Transatlantic Conference said: “It is this backdrop of uncertainty and change that makes BABC’s Annual Transatlantic Conference so exceedingly important. With Thought Leadership as its underlying theme, the discussions will not only inform, identify the power and relevance of strategic partnerships and, without a doubt, provide an important voice in the policy debates proliferating on both sides of the Atlantic.”

    Her Majesty's Consul General Stephen Bridges said: "The theme 'Navigating the New World' could not be more relevant for 2017's BABC Annual Transatlantic Business Conference, and I couldn't be more delighted that Chicago has been chosen as the host city. The 'special relationship' between the US and the UK is poised to grow even stronger in the coming year, and the deep UK ties to Chicago make this a perfect venue for the BABC."

    To learn more about the conference, to read some of the Thought Leadership from our members or to register attendance, visit

    Notes to Editors:

    About British American Business Council (BABC) is the leading transatlantic business Organisation, dedicated to helping companies build their business on both sides of the Atlantic. Its membership brings together the world’s leading multinational and middle market companies across sectors and geographies; and more than 100 of the world’s most successful CEOs support its work through their participation in its Advisory Board.

    It incorporates the American Chamber of Commerce (UK) and the British-American Chamber of Commerce (USA), which merged in 2000 to create a single, pre-eminent transatlantic organization that could support its members across the Atlantic. The Organisation is made up of 22 chapter organizations in Cities across The United States, Canada and the UK. 

    For more information on the different BABC-Chapters can be found at

    Interested on becoming a member or learning more about BABC-Chicago events can be found on the website.

    About the Transatlantic Thought Leadership Platform:

    The platform consists of a blog and video program of curated authors featuring exceptional stories and thought leadership. While our touchstone rests upon commerce between the US and UK, this is a transcendent platform, seeking great moments from all corners of the globe. Senior business executives, academicians, government officials and other thought leaders contribute content.

    Interested in Thought Leadership, check out our contributions to date:

    Full List of Conference speakers can be found here: 

    Media Contact:

    Anna Kavanagh
    Marketing & Communications

  • 15 Nov 2016 9:17 PM | Lindsay McCabe (Administrator)

    What a wonderful event! Both teams worked hard and had fun. BABC congratulates GIACC on their victory, and we anticipate a major comeback next year! 

    Many thanks to some special organisations: 

    GIACC worked tirelessly to plan an incredible event

    The Consulate General of India and KNAV hosted the fabulous post-match reception

    FutureTech, one of our Corporate Members, sponsored the uniforms for the BABC-11

    Thank you so much for all of your support!

    Please take a moment to check out the photos from the event HERE and the TV Asia coverage HERE.

  • 10 Nov 2016 2:22 PM | Lindsay McCabe (Administrator)

    President's Corner

    The press are widely referring to the election of Donald Trump as 'America's Brexit'.  Simmering grass-roots frustrations on both sides of the pond have led to shock results and an uncertain outlook, especially for businesses.  The implications of both votes are still unravelling.  What is clear is that there will be both risks and opportunities.  And the best way to be ready is to engage, learn and adapt. 

    The British-American Business Council of Georgia is a great forum to keep abreast of developments by interacting with your fellow local business people directly. Our events provide the forum for sharing ideas, hearing from experts, connecting with a broad range of skilled people, and preparing yourself for the uncertain times ahead. 

    But if the political uncertainties are getting you down, now's a great time to sign up for our annual BABC-GA Christmas Party on December 16th. Or bring the family and come and support the BABC cricket team as we take on the Indian chamber this Sunday.  Details below. 

    Next Friday's Breakfast Briefing will be a fascinating insight from Iain Bluett, President of independent ticketing agency Ticket Alternative.  Based in Atlanta, they make some of the biggest events run smoothly...including Taste of Atlanta and last year's Rolling Stones concert at Bobby Dodd Stadium.  

    Finally, do check out our new website.  We've been working hard to completely update all our BABC back-end systems to improve the user experience and help us continue to grow our group. (If you're interested in tech, we've deployed Wild Apricot for membership management & website; Hubspot for CRM; Campaign Monitor for email/direct marketing; and Piesync for contact integration. Happy to share our experiences if you're considering deploying any of these.) 

    I hope to see you at a BABC event soon.

    James Anthony

    New Website!

    We have a new website! We are excited to bring you a dynamic site that is much more user friendly. We welcome your feedback! Members, please check your email later today with your new username and password, and instructions about how to log in. 

    Check It Out!


    Scuba diving


    India vs. UK Cricket Match

    Sunday, November 13
    12:30 p.m.
    Oglethorpe University Soccer Field


    We've gathered a great team to represent the UK in this cricket match! Come cheer on the team and network with other Brits. Match at 12:30, Reception at 5.


    Plane in flight

    Breakfast Briefing

    Friday, November 18
    7:15 a.m.
    City Club of Buckhead

    $25 Member / $30 Guest

    In the next installment, Ticket Alternative and Freshtix co-founder Iain Bluett will  discuss how his company has been able to make adjustments to address changes in the industry- something that is important in every industry!


    Brexit & Beyond


    Thursday, December 1
    8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
    Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP

     Please attend a complimentary
    seminar on what U.S companies need to know when entering the U.K. and
    Europe post-Brexit. Hear from a variety of impactful speakers, and enjoy complimentary breakfast & lunch.


    Pub Night: Ship & Anchor


    Tuesday, December 6
    5:30 p.m.
    Ship & Anchor Pub

    Find your way to the Legendary BABC-Georgia Pub Night at Ship & Anchor Pub at Perimeter, from 5:30 - 8:00 PM.  The service is top notch and you will always enjoy being treated like royalty in this old world British pub. Bring a guest and expand your business networks while having a little fun.  

    Christmas Luncheon

    $55 Member / $70 Guest

    Friday, December 16
    12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    City Club of Buckhead

    You  won't want to miss our Annual Christmas Luncheon, complete with a traditional Christmas lunch and, of course, our rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas!




    Corporate Member
    Kevin Glass
    Atlanta International Schools


    Associate Member
    Nick Waylett



    British-American Business Council of Georgia
    1395 East Cobb Drive, #72721
    Marietta, Georgia 30007

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    Welcome to the new, improved, BABC-Georgia site! We have listened to your feedback and we've worked hard to bring you a more responsive site that is more user-friendly. We hope you enjoy the simpler registration process and the streamlined systems. 

    Since we've recently moved to a new platform, all of our old news items and newsletters were not moved from the old site. Please take a look at the past newsletters posted here and know that we will be bringing you all new content in the coming months! 

    If you have any questions, please email Lindsay at 

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