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Jennifer Riis-Poulsen

Jennifer Riis-Poulsen is the Founder & CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of Powerhouse Strong, a Mindset Training, Personal Safety & Empowerment Program. Jennifer formed Powerhouse Strong in November 2011. The curriculum is based on her background in Psychology and Martial Arts. The Powerhouse Strong Mission is to educate and empower ALL girls and women to live safe, healthy and active lives without a threat to their Personal Safety. It is designed to develop basic human skills and to build confidence, courage and ambition to live life to its full potential, without unnecessary fear.

Jennifer was born and raised in London, England. She started working in the Banking and Insurance industries before moving to Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1991, where she worked for the British Embassy in both their Commercial and Political Sections. In 1998 she moved to Paris, France, where she taught English to the French Business Community. In 2004 Jennifer crossed the Big Pond to Atlanta. During her spare time she enjoys being with her two children and puppy dog.

Jennifer is the winner of the Woman On Fire 2017 Community Activist Award for her work with Powerhouse Strong. She was also Honored by the Jeanette Rankin Foundation, in November 2017, for her work to educate and empower people through her Program.

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