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British-American Business Council of Georgia members believe that developing strong profitable economic relationships has the greatest potential for significant enduring positive social impact in the US and the UK and beyond. BABC-Georgia is structured to ensure that each member, from micro-business to large public corporation, has access to a range of development events, activities, and resources designed to support their specific local or transatlantic growth needs.

Our programs are focused on providing forums and resources for members to exchange the ideas, and develop the understanding of each other’s businesses, that creates opportunity for collaboration and lucrative mutually beneficial growth - practical tools to help our members deliver to their fullest potential.

Benefits of Membership

  • Broad core program of social, cultural, and educational networking activities with domestic and international business development dimensions:

    • Monthly Network Nights - Casual, largely experienced based, events that allow interaction between members which creates deep understanding and mutual respect for their growth goals – Understated networking and the relationships that result are all the more powerful for it

    • Quarterly Breakfast Briefings – Interactive events built around speaker-led presentations by industry insiders that provide insightful perspectives on newsworthy topics – Sophisticated educational enlightened networking

    • Premium Annual Events – Business development with a unique mix of style and culture that exudes the best of British tradition and the panache of American commerce – Consult General’s Garden Party, Oglethorpe Ball, Golf Classic, and Holiday Party
  • Specialty events tailored to meet the specific growth needs of micro, small, medium, and large businesses
  • Exclusive, concierge, and other premium services options
  • Integral part of the British-American Council – a 23 chapter business development network with 4,000 member companies throughout the US and the UK
  • Local and multi-chapter contact databases

Membership Benefits Overview

(Under 30/65+)

Associate Corporate Executive Trans-Atlantic
Annual Investment  $80 $160  $500  $1200  Call for information 
Number of Member Delegates  1 1 2 4 10
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BABC-Georgia is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 1395 East Cobb Drive #72721, Marietta, GA 30007

404-681-2224 exec@babcga.org

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